In an effort to reduce school suspensions and juvenile crimes, the Auburn PAL (Police Activities League) applied for and received a City of Auburn Community Development Block Grant to implement a Suspension Diversion Program for students who have been suspended from school.  In partnership with the Auburn Police and Auburn School Departments, the PAL Center will provide the opportunity for students from Edward Little High School, Auburn Middle School and Franklin/Merrill Hill Alternative School who are suspended from school to attend the Suspension Diversion Program at the PAL Center located at 24 Chestnut Street.


Philosophy of the Suspension Diversion Program:

While traditional suspension takes students away from the academic setting and creates opportunities for the loss of academic progress and isolation, the intent of the Suspension Diversion Program (SDP) is to provide an environment to encourage students to maintain academic progress, develop a change in behavior action plan, and conduct community service as a consequence to their behavior.


Benefits of the Suspension Diversion Program:

School/Community – Lessens the impact of suspended students relating to their academic performance and reduces the changes of the student becoming involved in the juvenile justice system.


Student – Develops the ability to make safer choices/decisions re: attendance, behavior and academic performance which will begin to address or contemplate the impact their choices have on their academic and social success as well as their family dynamic.


Outcomes of the Suspension Diversion Program:

Program – Reduce school suspensions, reduce recidivism, provide tools for students to be successful, increase graduation rates, prevent youth offenders from entering the juvenile justice system, and reduce crimes against the community.


Student – Daily reflective writing, personal goal setting, one-on-one discussions, peer conflict resolutions, school work assistance, emotionally safe environment, possible referral to other community resources.


Expectations of the Suspension Diversion Program:

Parent – Your student is expected to participate in all aspects of the program prior to returning to school.  Transportation to the Suspension Diversion Center will be provided to and from ELHS or your student may be dropped off at the Suspension Diversion Center.  Lunch will be provided, however, a student may bring their own lunch.


Student – The CORE values of the Auburn School Department are still expected at the Suspension Diversion Center.  All rules and policies of the school department apply to the Suspension Diversion Center.  Failure to follow the rules of the Diversion Center will prevent you from successfully returning to school.  You are expected to bring all assignments and materials to the center.  Mandatory follow-up with the program coordinator is required after fifteen days from returning to school.  All community service hours are expected to have been completed prior to this meeting.


Hours of Operation:

The Suspension Diversion Program will be available weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7:45 to 1:45pm.