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The Auburn PAL Center is thriving as we complete our third year in service to the community!


For three summers now, the Center has offered free breakfast & lunch each morning (in partnership with the Auburn School Department), as well as fun and informative programs for our kids.


We have an incredible community garden that is planted and nurtured by the PAL kids and the Master Gardeners of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.Auburn PAL has also hosted a hugely successful summer running program - the Chestnut Street Champions. More than 100 kids of all ages have participated.


Our friends at Center Street Dental held a week-long program about oral health care and the

importance of taking care of your smile. There were also music lessons, arts and crafts, soccer,

basketball and countless other great programs. 


While school is in session, the PAL Center is open from 3:00pm - 6:00pm, Monday through

Friday. Volunteers are available to help with homework, play games and many other activities.


PAL Coordinator

We are pleased to welcome Shawn Boyd at the PAL Center Coordinator. Shawn is a wonderful,

energetic & fun addition to the PAL family! Shawn can be reached at:

or by calling 207.333.6650 X2041.


"It’s better to build youth than to mend adults."


The Auburn Police Department looked at four years of crime data and found that twenty three percent of all crimes committed by youth offenders in Auburn took place within an area of less than half a square mile. Twenty five percent of all police calls for service and twenty eight percent of all youth victims were victimized in this same area.

In an effort to transform these statistics and provide positive, horizon-broadening experiences for at-risk youth in our city, the Auburn Police Department established the Auburn Police Activities League (PAL).


Auburn’s City Council turned over a vacant city property at 24 Chestnut Street, and in the spring of 2013, the Auburn PAL Center opened, right at the heart of the half-square mile area identified by crime data. The Center - which has been entirely refurbished, thanks to grant funding and generous community partners - provides educational and athletic activities for kids after school and during the summer, not to mention positive interaction with police officers.

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